Wednesday, October 26

Bike Routes/Rail Trails Status in Tennessee

Tennessee offers 5 official bike routes that primarily run along state highways. Today, I received the following update from the Statewide Bicycle Coordinator for Tennessee concerning the status of trails in the state:

We are developing some rail trails now but I do not have any in mind that are open at this time.
Our five main bike routes posted on the internet may be some that you could direct folks to use as part of this project. Here is the link:

This is the only method I have for this information now. I have given out all the other bike maps of these routes.

Statewide Bicycle Coordinator &
Statewide Pedestrian Coordinator
The Future Begins Here !

David A. Utley
505 Deadrick St.
Suite 900 James K. Polk Bldg.
Nashville TN 37243-0334
(615)253-2422 Office

Trails in Nebraska

(State Agencies & Trail Organizations)
Thanks go to Ron Schlautman (Bike Coordinator for the state of Nebraska) for the following fine links to bikeways in the state.

Nebraska Dept of Roads
Click on ???Hiking/Biking??? which has bicycle and trail information, Plus the Nebraska Bicycle Guide Map.

Nebraska Game & Park Commission
Click on ???Guides??? and then click on ???trails guide???

Nebraska Game & Park Commission's 320 mile COWBOY TRAIL

Other sites at the Game & Park Commission

Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Division of Tourism

Lower Platte South NRD
MoPac East Trail and Oak Creek Trail, Homestead Trail & Platte River Connection
Click on ???Recreation???, ???Trails???, and then trail maps.

Omaha trails

Nebraska Trails Council

The Great Plains Trails Network
Trail Maps

Tuesday, October 25

Cycling the Delaware Water Gap

I've been busy driving between New Orleans & Memphis, trying to juggle post hurricane cleanup with work and family responsibilities. As a result, finding time to cycle has been difficult so the ride reports I planned to write are still just that - plans. Gladly, visitors are submitting useful info about riding in various regions of the country.

Here are some relevant links & info that I received from Georgi Offrell at Back of the Moon B&B about cycling in the Delware Water Gap region in Pennsylvania.
This trail is particularly nice. Many people start it up in Dingman???s Ferry, PA.
This site offers resources for both road cyclists & mountain bikers. Maps to trails are on the premises, so you???ll need to call to get one. Speak to ???Maria??? at 570-424-1163.
This is the ???young, extreme, hip-type??? place. It used to be a very upscale Ski Shop??? now it???s a very upscale outdoor sports shop. According to John Riley at Loft Sports, their "entire staff all know about the (mountain bike) trails??? in the area. They also have maps and would be able to send you some. Call Brad Sweeney, John or Ben at 570-629-2627 for more info.

Thursday, October 13

Rebuilding New Orleans: Address Essential Quality Of Life Issues First

Mayor Nagin's suggestion of adding more land casinos is an example of the tremendous pressure local officials are under to rebuild New Orleans as fast as possible. Now more than ever, we must resist development that will detract from the long term growth of the community and focus on the huge quality of life issues that have restrained our city's growth for so long.

If New Orleans is to recover and prosper, people must have a reasonable expectation that staying in New Orleans will lead to a better future. This can only happen by creating a more appealing urban living space where commercial, educational, residential and green spaces come together. For the city is to thrive, neighborhoods must be rebuilt as little villages where residents can meet most needs without additional travel.

Besides updating neighborhood zoning rules, it is essential to offer reasonable transportation alternatives such as improved public transportation and safer conditions for traveling by bicycle or on foot. If we address these pressing issues now, the pain and distress of Katrina will be the catalyst for a metropolis that others could only dream of, a place with a sustainable, stable engine for growth, prosperity and personal well being.

If you want to see things happen, do something. It all starts by talking with family, friends and neighbors. Our community's future depends on it.

Lawrence L Lagarde III

Saturday, October 08

Project Update: Bike Friendly Lodging

While the recovery from Hurricanes Katrina & Rita continues in my hometown, the Bicycle Friendly Accommodations Directory project at has grown rapidly. Over 100 bicycle friendly inns have been identified in Canada and the USA and more bike friendly accommodations are being added daily. It has been a joy watching this unique, eco-tourism project take off; however, we have a long way to go. Help us keep the momentum going!

The only way this grass roots effort can succeed is by input from ecotourists like you... If you have heard of an inn that caters to cyclists, TELL ME regardless where the accommodations are located. I'll do the rest.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and please tell at least one friend about the project to identify bicycle friendly accommodations and the best places to go bicycling!

Best wishes,