Bikes We Sell

RideTHISbike offers a wide assortment of bicycles Almost Every Style Imaginable
Being located in New Orleans's oldest and most historic district (the French Quarter), the physical space of our store is limited; however, we do offer virtually every style of bike imaginable and at reasonable, internet pricing. As a rule, we focus on value, practicality and durability, with style being somewhat less important but still part of the equation. Don't expect to find a showroom floor full of Cannondales, Giants and Treks; we can offer similar bikes at less cost and don't have to dedicate the whole store to one brand.

RideTHISbike proudly features bicycles from 3G Bikes For New Orleans
Because New Orleans is flat and relatively compact, many New Orleanians prefer bikes with comfortable, upright riding positions. Additionally, because many residents of the French Quarter, Downtown, Warehouse District, Treme, Marigny, Mid-City and other nearby neighborhoods face challenges with bike storage, we offer the widest variety of bicycles that fold for easy storage and portability.

Bikes For Other Cities
Ideal bicycles for travel For those that live far from New Orleans, while we'd like to list every brand and model available from us, we'd much rather focus on personal customer service and cycling with our customers and guests than sitting all day at the computer updating the website. Instead we invite you to call or email us and explain what you're looking for. We'll offer you some options and email you specifics after learning more about your needs. Alternately, scroll down or click here to see our most popular lines of bikes (which are listed below).

Bikes For Travelers
Do you yearn to take your bike when you travel?
Long ago, I bought and sold exotic cars like the character Tom Cruise played in Rain Man, traveling regularly between the USA and Europe. Cycling has been my passion since my pre-teen years so it was only natural for me to want to ride a bike when traveling. After a harrowing event with a rental bike in Costa Rica, I vowed to ride my own bike everywhere but I found this impractical with my road bike. That's when I discovered folding bikes.

Primary Brands/Models We Sell

3G Focus on fun & comfortable pedal forward style (extended frame) beach cruisers
Brompton Custom built, lively & highly durable city bikes that fold so small they'll fit in an airliner's overhead bin
EVO Reasonably priced city and fat bikes
Montague Sturdy, full size, pavement & and mountain bikes that fold (based on military technology)
Strida Line of low maintenance, triangular shaped, belt driven, city bikes that fold in seconds into a rolling stick

Why Buy A Folding Bicycle
2016 Paratrooper Pro folding bike Bikes that fold are more versatile than traditional bicycles. For storage or transport, they fold compactly. When unfolded, they can perform like a regular bike. Even if they have small wheels (so they can fold even smaller), those that are designed appropriately have the same pedal cadence as on a typical bicycle (you're pedaling like a normal human, not a hamster). The best are designed so they can also roll when folded so you only need to carry them when going up or down stairs, etc.

Our Most Popular Bike Brand
Brompton Bicycles - made for you Brompton Bicycles
By far, the most popular BICYCLE we sell is the Brompton. Each Brompton is custom built to order to suit YOUR particular needs. In fact, I attribute Brompton's popularity to their versatility, quality and durability. Bromptons have a higher carry capacity than most bikes on the market. Bromptons have a longer warranty. Bromptons fold so small that they fit in the overhead bin on most airliners; yet, they ride like regular bicycles. Bromptons can be built to fit kids, adult basketball players and many people in between. Click here to learn more about the advantages of a Brompton. Also, here's a link to details and pricing about some Bromptons in stock.

Montague Bicycles
Original Montague Paratrooper folding bikes and a Humvee If you can't wrap your head around a bike with small wheels, the second most versatile bike brand on the market is the Montague. Montague makes standard sized road and mountain bikes with one critical distinction - they fold. Like the Brompton, there is no descernible flexing of the frame. In fact, all current Montague bikes are descendents of folding bikes that were designed about 20 years ago for US Special Forces. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and more, US paratroopers have jumped with Montague Paratrooper bikes strapped to their chests. While descending, the bikes were released on 30' long drop lines so the bike hits the ground first, allowing the paratrooper to land without injury. Paratroopers then unfolded the bike and biked out of the landing zone, getting out of the danger zone faster than they could on foot.

EVO Brewster 8 speed fat bike To see Montague's current line of pavement and mountain bikes, click here.

Please note that we also stock other folding bikes (including high performance bicycles that fold like the Reach, folding e-bikes like the VeloMini, folding belt driven bikes like Stridas, and even adult folding trikes). Naturally, we offer traditional city bikes, hybrids, fat bikes, cruisers, tandems and other bicycles too.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our bikes for sale. We look forward to serving you and invite you to return again.