The 2017 Northern Italy Tour from RideTHISbike

Essential Tour Details

  1. Price: $1799
  2. Tour Begins: 5 September 2017
  3. Tour Ends: 13 September 2017
  4. Included: Loaner Brompton (if desired), hotel lodging, most meals, guide, mechanic, Brompton factory tour, medieval pagent, land transportation
  5. Participants save $250 on future Brompton order

Tour Options

Northern Italy Bike Tour

On the trail in the Stagna Valley, Italy Bike Tour Overview
From the high alpine borders of Austria, Italy and Switzerland to Venice, cycle with us through scenic landscapes of breathtaking beauty. On this bicycle tour, we'll live "La Dolce Vita" (the good life), pedaling at an enjoyable pace and stopping occasionally for sightseeing, food, a glass of wine or a gelato.

Tour Dates
The bicycle tour begins in London on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at the Brompton Bicycle factory. After extended discussion with the Brompton home office, RideTHISbike has arranged for participants of this tour to have an exclusive shop floor tour of the Brompton factory as well as loaner Brompton folding bikes for use on the tour. At the conclusion of the tour, those in the group that have arranged loaner bikes must return them to the Brompton factory in London by Wednesday, 13 September 2017.

Tour Cost
The cost for this 9 day tour is $1799 per person, double occupancy (if you are alone and wish to participate, a surcharge of $250 applies). The price includes your loaner bike (if desired), tour guide, mechanic, hotel stays, land transportation (buses, trains), most meals and the Brompton factory tour. Tips are not included and it is customary to tip your guide/mechanic if you enjoy your tour. While no airfares are included, to insure smooth operation of the tour, participants will need to coordinate their flights with us.

Glurns/Glorenza - a charming fortified medieval town and one of the most beautiful villages of Italy A Guided Tour
This bicycle tour is limited to 10 guests. Your guide is Larry Lagarde, owner of New Orleans bike shop RideTHISbike. Larry attended school in this region and has bicycle toured in over 12 countries around the world, mostly on his Brompton folding bike.

An Eco Friendly Tour
Brompton folding bikes have been arranged for use by tour participants, reducing our carbon footprint when flying and traveling about Italy. The bikes fold quickly into a small, managable package that's transportable on mass transit so we'll use trains and buses rather than a less carbon friendly sag wagon. A bike mechanic will pedal with the group to address possible mechanical issues on the fly.

Royal Treatment
When we pickup the Bromptons from their factory in London, England, an exclusive factory tour has been arranged so ride participants can see the craftsmanship that goes into building these touring machines. Typically reserved strictly for members of royalty, media and Brompton shop owners, the factory tour is a first of its kind perk for the general public.

Romantic Treviso at dusk. Primarily, we will be cycling on level, dedicated, paved bike paths away from roadways. Distances pedaled per day will vary but none are excessive.

Bike Tour Itinerary
Day 1: 13:00 Meetup/mixer at Brompton Bicycle's factory in London, England - factory tour - bicycle delivery - dinner - flight to Venice - Treviso hotel.
Day 2: 9:30 Depart for Tarvisio - Alpe Adria bike path - Venzone (a famous walled town) - Treviso hotel.
Day 3: 8:30 Depart for Resia/Reschen am See - Vinschgau bike path - dinner - hotel.
Day 4: 8:30 Vinschgau bike path - Depart Merano for Carbonin - Hotel Croda Rossa.
Day 5: 10:00 Bike 17 mi. on La Lunga Dolomiti path to San Vito Di Cadore via Cortina d'Ampezzo - dinner - hotel.
Day 6: 7:45 Bike 12 mi. to Pieve di Cadore - Depart for Bassano del Grappa - check in @ Hotel Al Castello - attend the ancient Palio di Castelfranco - return to hotel.
Day 7: 9:25 Depart for Marter - bike the Stagna Valley path - return to Palazzo Brando (Treviso) - dinner.
Day 8: Visit Venice - final night for group on tour - dinner.
Day 9: 7:45 Fly back to London to return loaner bike(s) to the Brompton factory

Touring on my Brompton folding bike in the Sugana Valley, Italy. Daily Cycling Mileage, Hotels
Average miles ridden per day depends on your use of readily available public transportation, with 50 miles being the absolute daily max pedaled, if desired. We're staying in small, family owned hotels including 4 nights in a palazzo (palace).

Loaner Bikes, Factory Tour
Loaner Brompton folding bikes will be available for tour participants who sign a simple loaner bike agreement. These bikes will be picked up at the Brompton factory at the start of the tour and must be returned damage free at the conclusion of the tour. Regardless whether a loaner bike is used, tour participants will meet up in London for a tour of the bike factory followed by a traditional fish and chips lunch and a relaxing group ride along a nearby towpath trail.

As tour participants will be expected to carry their own luggage, packing smart and light is highly recommended. If you don't already have a Brompton T-Bag or Brompton saddle bag, bike cover and Dimpa bag, it is highly suggested that you take advantage of the discounted purchase rates you'll find under the "Optional Accessories" list as these will simplify carrying items on your bike. These rates are only for tour participants. Specific information pertaining to what to pack will be sent to each participating rider.

Some bike trail sections are hard, compacted dirt; yet, the Brompton rolls wheel over these as well. Brompton Discounted Purchase
Cyclists participating in the tour will receive a one time offer of a $250 reduction on the purchase of any new Brompton bike. The bike must be ordered within 30 days of conclusion of the tour.

Tour Size
We prefer leading small groups as this results in a more enjoyable and personalized experience. Also, we can go to more unique places that are only suited for small groups, making for a more memorable and fun adventure.

Terrain And Climate
For the majority of the tour, we will be riding in the beautiful alpine valleys of Northern Italy. Most of the time, we will be riding downhill but there will be the occasional, managable climb. Our tour dates were selected for a period when summer temperatures have begun to cool but the cold of fall has not cloaked the region. Still, when riding in the mountains, rain clouds can cross the peaks quickly and unpredictedly so it's best to ride with a poncho and light jacket handy.

General Conditions (travel and contract)
By booking the customer confirms that he/she has read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

We will be surrounded by incredible mountain scenery. Adaptability
Adaptability and a certain openness are indispensable and expected prerequisites for the functioning of this bicycle tour.

Health and Fitness
Participants need to be of good health and used to the physical exertion of cycling at a pace of 8-10 mph.

Pricing for this tour is based on double occupancy. While every possible and practical consideration will be made for individual needs, lodging alternatives are quite limited. Thus, it may be necessary to share a room with another guest if no single rooms are available.

Due to the small size of the bike tour and the likelihood of rising airfares, it is recommended to book the tour as soon as possible. Payment in full is required to book the bicycle tour.

Trip Cancellation
If you wish to cancel participation in the tour, it is imperative to communicate this immediately so someone else may go in your place. The cancellation must be emailed to Additionally, the email must be followed up within 24 hours by dialing 504-324-2492 within the business hours of 10 AM and 4:45 PM Central Time and confirming the cancellation by phone with a RideTHISbike representative.

Most of the routes we'll ride will primarily be downhill with occasional uphill sections. Refunds
If a guest cancels their tour by June 7, 2017, 90% of the tour cost will be refunded. If a guest cancels their tour between June 8th and July 7, 2017, 50% of the tour cost will be refunded. If a guest cancels their tour between July 7th and August 6, 2017, 25% of the tour cost will be refunded. After August 6, 2017, no refunds will be possible, including if the participant interrupts their participation in the tour for any reason.

As trip cancellation, trip interruption and accident insurance is not included in the cost of this tour, it is recommended that you purchase such forms of insurance from a third party provider just as you would when purchasing insurance for your flights.

Program Changes
We reserve the right to change the travel program if circumstances demand it. The responsibility for this decision remains with the travel guide.

Place of Jurisdiction
Louisiana law applies to the contract between the organizer and the tour participant. Place of jurisdiction is New Orleans.

We welcome your participation and thank you for taking the time to learn more about this bike tour.