EVO Bicycles

EVO logo EVO is a relatively new brand. We began offering them in 2015 and people have quickly begun to appreciate them for a variety of reasons.

What's Special About An EVO

EVO Rocker Ace fat bike with 3 inch slick tires EVO bikes tend to be simple and well built while also being economical. Some of their bikes are very eye catching with extremely smart styling. This combination has led to a number of our customers getting an EVO to commute, for recreation or both. Some are first time bike owners while others may just be getting back into cycling.


While EVO offers a variety bikes, we like their cruisers, fat bikes and adult trikes. Following are several in particular that are well suited for New Orleans.

EVO Rocker Ace

EVO Rocker Ace 1 speed with 3 inch tires This is an aluminum framed fat cruiser with cafe racer styling. The Rocker Ace offers a pedal forward design with a stretched frame and swept back handlebars for a comfortable, upright ride. It has great street appeal and people are always shooting pictures of them when we have them outside the bike shop.

EVO Brewster Fat Bike

EVO Brewster fat bike with 4 inch tires This is an aluminum framed fat mountain bike with 4 inch tires and disc brakes. When we get bored and need a break at the bike shop, we'll take a Brewster over to Bourbon St and bunny hop in front of stupified tourists. The bike's also fun for jumping curbs, eating potholes or going out on gnarly single track. And the price is right.

EVO Latitude adult trike

EVO Latitude Adult Trike

This is a very stable adult trike with a large basket, hand brakes and front fender.

Street Worthy

The streets of New Orleans are known for their state of disrepair; yet, EVO bikes thrive here. If they can work well in New Orleans, that says a lot.

Low Maintenance

EVO's are relatively simple so maintenance is typically quick and easy.

How To Order

Given the variety of EVO's available, we recommend that you stop by our store or call us for more about EVO bikes. We'll be happy to recommend the best EVO for your needs.