Why we love Bromptons

Larry's Brompton folding bike at the foot of the Eiffel Tower Fun
With a Brompton, the opportunities to enjoy life more are endless. When you get that itch to wander, take your Brompton just about anywhere. Pop on a flight to Paris and cycle up to Montmartre, out to Fontainebleau or on a chateau tour along the Loire. Ride the rails with Amtrak to Albuquerque and chase hot air balloons. Hop the fast ferry from Seattle to Victoria and pedal along Vancouver Island's famed Galloping Goose Trail. Camp on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and bike from mesmerizing overlook to overlook. Sail to Key West and meander lazily around town, looking for that best Margaritaville sunset. Fly your plane to New Orleans, bike to the French Quarter, dine at a fine restaurant while listening to live jazz, then catch trinkets at a Mardi Gras parade.

folded Brompton with C Bag, Gare d'Lyon, Paris, France Freedom
Tired of traffic jams, car parking challenges, congested mass transit or bike vandals/thieves? The Brompton was invented with these real world issues in mind. The bike unfolds in seconds and rides with the comfort, speed and pedaling cadence of a regular bike; yet, it's more agile with responsive handling and fast acceleration. Folded, the bike can be carried or rolled just about anywhere you want. Whether riding your Brompton to work, on errands or just for recreation, it's up to the task. Add a bag to the luggage block and the bike even serves as a shopping cart!

Walking down steps holding a folded Brompton bicycle Practical
Your Brompton is a sturdy, safe and reliable well-sorted machine. Custom made for you in London and built to ride over potholes and in the rain, your Brompton folds quickly into a compact package that's easy to roll or carry. Uniquely tidy, Bromptons don't track dirt indoors or get you mucky because those bits are tucked inside the fold away from the floor and because the bike rolls on little roller wheels when folded. The upright riding position is comfortable and increases awareness of your surroundings. While other cyclists are fumbling with locking their bike outside, your Brompton is indoors, neatly folded, literally at your side, allowing you to focus on subjects other than the safety of your bike. Parts for Bromptons built decades ago are still available, components are time tested and the warranties are the best in the industry. With proper care, a Brompton can easily last a lifetime.

Unfolding A Brompton Bike

Open the folded pedal. Raise your seatpost automatically to your preset height (as your dealer, we set this at your bike fitting). Unfold the handlebars and hand tighten the quick release. Unfold the main frame assembly and hand tighten its quick release. Un-tuck the rear wheel assembly from beneath the bike frame by lifting the bike from the rear of the saddle.

Yes. We love Brompton folding bikes.

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