Riding a Brompton bike fitted with a removeable, purse sized bag

Brompton Overview

1. Hand-made for you.
2. Built in London.
3. Built for cities.
3. Built to last.

Why Bromptons Are More Versatile

2 customers leaving our bike shop with their new Brompton folding bikes First, Brompton bikes fold down instantly to an incredibly small size for storage and transport. Second, Bromptons have special roller wheels so you can push or pull them when folded. Third, Bromptons have a huge carry capacity.

Going shopping? Fold your Brompton bike and it's your shopping basket. Going somewhere by mass transit, boat, rv, private airplane or the smallest car? The bike stows away easily. That's versatility that increases your opportunities to go cycling.

Why Bromptons Are More Fun

Brompton bicycles are designed to increase your freedom, independence and joy for cycling.

Whether you want to build some pedaling into your lunch break or explore a bike trail you happen on by chance, having your Brompton with you allows you to go cycling at the spur of the moment.

2 customers leaving our bike shop with their new Brompton folding bikes Since your Brompton expands your opportunities to bicycle more often, it brings more cheer and happiness into your life. Studies have shown that as little as 20 minutes of bicycling releases natural chemicals in your body (such as seratonin) that make you feel great. By building that little extra bit of exercise into your schedule, you'll become more fit. And just think of the awesome places you can visit with a bike that goes anywhere. Paris. Rome. Vegas. London. The world is yours. Just go.

Other Noteworthy Qualities

Bromptons have a lively, stable ride, are exceptionally durable and strong, lock securely into the folded position, stand upright without a kickstand, and keep vulnerable and dirty parts out of harm's way.

Yes. We love Brompton folding bikes.

Learn what sets Bromptons apart from the rest.