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Brompton Stardust Black finish introduced for 2016 model year Built For You
While we always maintain a wide assortment of new Brompton folding bikes in stock, with all the many ways that Brompton can outfit a bike, it's impossible for any dealer to stock each configuration available. Happily though, you can custom order your Brompton through us. Depending on a variety of factors, we can typically receive the bike in our store within 1-9 weeks. Considering that each Brompton is hand built in London, England, that's quite a feat, particularly since hand builders here in the USA typically take 3-6 months to build a bike.

A Brompton folding bike fitted with the Game Bag How To Order
To custom build a bike via point and click on our website, visit our Bike Builder page. Once you have selected the configuration you want, save it or call us with the details. We'll send you a confirmation email with an estimation of when we'll have your Brompton. Payment details can be relayed by phone or a secure, online invoice. Once we've tested and tuned your bike, it will be shipped to you. Shipping within the Continental USA is free and sales tax is only charged for sales delivered within the State of Louisiana.

Rent a Brompton from RideTHISbike Test Rides And Brompton Rentals
If you're in New Orleans, do stop by and try a Brompton for yourself. We offer both free test rides as well as Brompton rentals.

Should you elect to rent a Brompton, at the end of the rental, you may apply up to 2 days of rental costs towards the purchase of your new Brompton folding bike. This allows you time to determine that the Brompton will work for you without any sales pressure. Remember, shipping is free within the Continental USA and we don't collect tax on purchases which are shipped outside Louisiana. That's a sweet deal all around!

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Brompton Overview

  1. Hand-made for you.
  2. Built in London.
  3. Built for cities.
  4. Built to last.

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