Montague Paratrooper folding bike folded and unfolded Folding bikes are bicycles that fold into a compact size in seconds. Of the folding bicycles we sell (see the list), we only offer models that fold without using tools.

Bikes that fold compactly are more versatile than traditional, non-folding bicycles because folders are easier to store or transport.

Brompton Bicycles - made for you By far, the most popular BICYCLE we sell is the Brompton. Each Brompton is custom built to order to suit YOUR particular needs. Originally viewed as a curiosity, Brompton's sensational rise in popularity is due to their versatility, quality and durability. Bromptons have the geometry and cadence of a typical city bike; yet, accelerate and manuever better. They have a high carry capacity; yet, fold in seconds into a tidy configuration that rolls folded and will fit in the overhead bin on most airliners. Bromptons can be built to fit kids, adult basketball players and many people in between. They have exceptionally long warranties and great customer support. A list of some Bromptons in stock.

Montague Bicycles
Original Montague Paratrooper folding bikes and a Humvee If you can't wrap your head around a bike with small wheels, the second most versatile bike brand on the market is the Montague.

Montague makes standard sized road and mountain bikes with one critical distinction - they fold. Like the Brompton, there is no discernible flexing of the frame. In fact, all current Montague bikes are descendents of folding bikes that were designed about 20 years ago for US Special Forces. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and more, US paratroopers have jumped with Montague Paratrooper bikes strapped to their chests.

2016 Montague Paratrooper Pro folding bike with RackStand, folded and unfolded While descending, the paratroopers release their bikes on 30' long drop lines so the bike hits the ground first, allowing the paratrooper to land without injury. Upon landing, the soldier unfolds the bike and cycles out of the landing area, getting out of the danger zone faster and quieter than possible on foot.

Following are the folding bikes we currently sell (listed alphabetically).
It's a long list because 1 folding bicycle just won't work for everyone. Want advice? Just ask. No sales pressure.

We ship most of these bikes FREE OF CHARGE within the USA (lower 48 states) and (for a small fee) to APO/FPO's around the world.
Maker Model Style
Bigfish Wave $569.99 Stylish, entry level, European made (Italian) city style bike that rolls folded on its 16" rear wheel.
Brompton All bikes built to order. Bikes from $1250+ Custom built, lively & highly durable city bikes that fold so small that they'll fit in an airliner's overhead bin. The preferred choice for most customers.
Mobiky Louis $1399 3 spd French made city bike that folds/unfolds instantly and rolls on its 16" wheels when folded.
Montague Mountain Bike Line Sturdy, full size, mountain bikes that fold (based on military technology).
Montague Paratrooper Express $638.99 Entry level, folding, hard-tail mtb built on military technology.
Montague Paratrooper $899 This is THE military bike. In use by Special Forces for about 20 years, it has been continuously honed to maintain a fighting edge. Fitted with 24 speeds, index shifters, disc brakes, suspension fork, double wall rims & RackStand (rear rack & bike stand) & mudguards.
Montague Paratrooper Pro $995 Fitted like the Paratrooper but with 27 speeds and a better drivetrain. In the Paratrooper line, this is the BEST bang for your buck buy.
Montague Paratrooper Highline $1249 Military technology mated with larger 27.5" wheels, 20 speeds & hydraulic disc brakes. Sweet.
Montague Paratrooper Elite $2449 Creme of the crop military folding bike with the large 27.5" wheels, 30 speeds & hydraulic disc brakes. Nice.
Montague Pavement Bike Line Sturdy, full size, 700c road/pavement bikes that fold (based on military technology)
Montague Crosstown $658.99 Entry level 700c with tool-free, height adjustable Octagon stem.
Montague Boston $698.99 25 lb, 1 spd, 700c with flip-flop hub. A hipster's choice.
Montague Urban $748.99 Montague's entry level commuter bike with 21 speeds, RackStand (rear rack & bike stand) & mudguards.
Montague Navigator $958.99 Montague's better level commuter bike with 27 speeds, RackStand (rear rack & bike stand), mudguards & disc brakes.
Montague FIT $1294.99 25 lbs, 30 spd, 700c with carbon forks & disc brakes.
Montague Allston $1894.99 Montague's super commuter bike with Gates silent & maintenance free belt drive, Shimano Alfine 11 spd INTERNALLY geared hub, RackStand (rear rack & bike stand), mudguards & hydraulic disc brakes.
Pacific Cycles Short Haul Line Extremely compact when folded, these light short wheel base bikes are built for the 1st/Last Mile
Pacific CarryMe DC $1450 Lightest electric bike. Made for use with mass transit. Folds very small & has roller wheels for pulling bike when folded. So you can get to/from the bus or subway faster than on foot.
Strida The light, simple, low maintenance commuter's 1st/Last Mile bike
Strida LT $650 Light, easy going, low maintenance, triangular shaped, belt driven, 1 spd city bike that folds in seconds into a rolling stick
Strida SX $799 Light, faster, low maintenance, triangular shaped, belt driven, 1 spd city bike that folds in seconds into a rolling stick
Strida EVO $1099 Light, fastest, low maintenance, triangular shaped, belt driven, 3 spd city bike that folds in seconds into a rolling stick (fastest bike in the Strida line)
VeloMini E-Bike Line Light, simple, e-bikes that fold & roll when folded
VeloMini 1 Gear $1095 Light, throttle assist electric city bike that folds in seconds into a rolling stick
VeloMini 3 Gear $1295 Light, 3 speed, throttle assist electric city bike that folds in seconds into a rolling stick

Why Buy A Folding Bicycle

2016 Paratrooper Pro folding bike Basically, a folding bike makes it easier to go bicycling more often to a wider variety of places and with fewer worries about storage or theft.

Your Passport To More Places

CarryMe Folding Bike at airport Unlike standard sized bikes, folding bicycles can be carried aboard trains, ferries or buses and stow away easily in car trunks, small planes, RV's and boat holds. Folders are also allowed in places where normal bikes are refused (apartment buildings, post offices, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, elevators, escalators, etc) and can be stashed discreetly into a carry bag if you wish to remain inconspicuous. Some bikes even fold into a suitcase that can be checked onto an airliner.

De-clutter Your Garage

Strida folding bikes stored on a coat rack You can buy a bike that folds tiny enough to fit in the smallest car trunk, under your desk at the office, in a cubby hole in your dorm room or even in a luggage locker; yet, riding the folding bike is like cycling on a full size bike. Some folders even adjust to the size of the rider, allowing families to cut down on the number of bikes in the garage or carport because the same bike can be used by a child or adult.

Thieves Hate Folding Bikes

Bicycles tend to get stolen when they're unattended. Since your folding bike is allowed to stay by your side rather than out on the street, thieves have fewer opportunities to steal your bike. No more walking back to your bike only to find a cut lock!

Lighter, Stronger, Better

Within the last few years, new technologies and materials have made folding bikes easier to ride, faster to fold, lighter to carry, smaller when folded, more suitable for riders of various heights & weights, and sturdier too.

Fold Compactly Yet Pedal Normally

IF Mode full size bike - folded Although some folding bikes have small wheels, the better models of micro folders (CarryMe, E-Z Pack, Mobiky, Strida) are geared to compensate for their smaller than usual wheels. The result is a bike with a ride equal to a traditional, full size bike that is also easy to store, theft resistant and easily transportable.

Make Public Transit Even More Practical

Rolling easily through a mass transit ticket carousel Many folding bikes are small enough to take with you on public transportation (planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis, escalators, elevators, etc.). CarryMe, Mobiky and Strida folding bikes roll even when folded and they can easily be stowed away in the smallest car trunk, under your desk at the office, in a dorm room or even in a luggage locker. Additionally, with little or no disassembly, they'll fit in a suitcase so you can check them onto your next flight and go for a bicycle ride at your travel destination.

Test Rides and Folding Bike Rentals

RideTHISbike is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm Central Time (closed Tuesdays). If you'd like to try out a folder, we invite you to stop by during business hours. There's no charge to take a spin around the block. Longer rides are considered rentals; however, the full cost of the folding bike rental (up to 2 days max) goes towards your purchase (provided purchase occurs within the rental period).

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our bikes for sale. We look forward to serving you and invite you to return again.