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The GIATEX Folding Bicycle Features:


Storage space a problem? Portability an issue? Giatex is your answer! You can fold a Giatex bicycle into a portable size in seconds. Flip the frame latches and the frame pushes in. Flip another latch and the handlebar swings down, lower the seat and fold in the pedals and you’re done! When you fold/collapse a Giatex bicycle, you do not need to disassemble any tires, brakes or fenders unlike some other brands of folding bicycles. Giatex compresses and expands easily, cleanly and quickly. Very quickly (in about 10 seconds) and best of all – no tools required!

Riding Comfort
Forget all of the stories about small wheels and wobbly handling, hard work and unusable low gears. Giatex bicycles are more maneuverable than traditional bicycles; they're lighter and offer a low step-thru frame (no high cross bar to negotiate when mounting and dismounting the bicycle). Giatex bicycles can be adjusted in variety of ways to provide a custom fit ride.

Greater Adjustability = Greater Flexibility

Flexability is what Giatex is really about. Whether you need the portability for your commute by rail, bus, subway, or air OR a bicycle to conveniently fit into the trunk of your car, RV or boat, or where storage is a problem (condo/apartment dwellers) OR want a bike that adjusts to fit anyone in your family, then Giatex bicycles are right for you. Car and RV owners, say goodbye to roof racks and the associated hassles – dirt, damage, theft, vandalism, time and effort.

Adjustable Handlebars
Different riders want different riding positions: some want their handlebars higher for easy cruising, while others want them low for a more aerodynamic position over long rides or even lower as in the case of children. All Giatex bicycles include adjustable handlebars that can be changed to the desired height in seconds with no tools required.

Long, Adjustable Seat Post
Just because a Giatex bicycle can be compressed into a small, portable size, doesn’t mean that it can’t handle riders over 6 feet tall. Our seat posts can be extended in seconds to accommodate even the tallest of riders, up to 6’ 4”. And, just as easily, the seat post can be lowered to accommodate shorter riders.


Giatex bicycles’ zinc plated steel frames provide the ideal combination of strength and durability but at a fraction of the cost of more expensive metals like titanium. But don’t think that the Giatex is a heavy bicycle. Giatex’s unique design allows for the bicycle to be lightweight too – weighing only 27½ lbs (for the 16” model).

Giatex bicycles fold down to a size that is convenient for portability and storage. Giatex bicycles are ideal for use with mass transit or with RVs and boats and can fit into the trunk of almost any car. As well, the compact Giatex is also elevator, stairs and hallway friendly.

Besides being priced within the means of just about anyone, Giatex bicycles stretch to fit the size of the rider (one bike fits all). The frame length, seat height and handle bar height are all adjustable to ensure that the rider has a custom fit for the ultimate in riding comfort. The unique, adjustable frame combined with a low frame tube connecting the front & rear wheels allows one bike to be suitable for the whole family with a few, quick adjustments. Adults (both men and women), kids and older folks will find the bike equally easy to ride. Stretching also means that Giatex bicycles can grow along with your kids. And Giatex’s unique design also means that mounting and dismounting is effortless because there is no high horizontal bar to negotiate.

Convenient, Easy Storage
Giatex is storage friendly too. Giatex bicycles can be easily stored in a closet, under the bed, in the office, storage room, RV storage bin, car trunk, corner of an apartment living room or balcony or just about anywhere. You can even leave it in the trunk of your car – and use it when it’s convenient. It can even double as an emergency transportation too should your car break down or run out of gas.

With its rugged good looks and comfortable ride, Giatex turns portability into sportability! The Giatex is a real head turner, especially when you collapse your Giatex in seconds and carry it away. The Giatex's 6 speeds lets you get the maximum possible speed/distance for the minimum effort. It also affords the maximum flexibility for different types of riders and road conditions.

Faster Acceleration
The lower rotating mass of the small wheels, compared to conventional bikes, facilitates faster acceleration. The shorter spokes on the smaller wheels make them stiffer and stronger than larger wheels. Also the center of gravity is lowered, resulting in improved stability. Smaller wheels also reduce the overall length of the bicycle, making it more compact, lighter and easier to transport.

Most components of Giatex bicycles are standard and can be replaced with off the shelf items carried by your local bicycle dealer.

Shimano Derailleurs – Committed to quality, Giatex uses derailleurs (a mechanism for moving the chain from one sprocket to another to change gears on a multi-speed bicycle) from Shimano, a leading producer of reliable and quality bicycle components.

V-brakes – the latest in technology, V-brakes provide the ultimate in lightweight stopping power. All Giatex bicycles incorporate V-brakes for both the front and rear brakes.

Saddle - Giatex bicycles come with modern 2-tone waterproof saddles that are padded for comfort, light in weight and require no maintenance. Optional saddles are also available including a deluxe comfort saddle and a saddle with a built-in rear light for extra visibility during night rides.

Multi speed folding bikes from $289
Fit into a suitcase, roll when folded & free shipping too.


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