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What are folding bicycles?

What are their benefits?

Advantages of the Giatex

Are folding bikes safe?

How much do they cost?

Where can I buy one?

Why buy from us?

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18 Reasons To Buy From Us

1. Save money.
We strive to offer the lowest prices.
2. Make money.
We sell in volume & offer volume discounts to our customers.
3. Save time.
Order your bike now from the comfort of your computer. We ship via Fedex for fast delivery.
4. Make life easier.
No more buying gasoline, auto insurance or inconvenient/expensive auto repairs.
5. Make life safer.
Due to our low horizontal crossbar, getting on and off our bikes is far easier.
6. Stand out from the crowd.
Our unique & patented design draws oohs & aahs wherever its seen.
7. Improve your lifestyle.
Breath more fresh air, relax & enjoy life at a friendlier pace.
8. Improve your health & loose weight.
Because our bike is easier to transport & store, you'll exercise more & burn more pounds.
9. Build your optimism, confidence & composure.

Even mild cycling boosts adrenaline, making you feel more positive the rest of the day.
10. Have fun.
Cycling is one of life's simple pleasures.
11. Satisfy your curiosity.
See for yourself the improvements our bike makes to your life.
12. Simplify your life.
Eliminate car note payments & parking hassles. Rediscover peace & quiet.
13. Prove yourself right.
Show others that cycling CAN be better than driving.
14. Improve your appearance.
Our bikes decrease the effects of aging & worry by improving your wellness.
15. Avoid thieves.
Our bike folds compactly. Keep it by your desk, in your trunk or in a closet instead of on the street.
16. Better portability.
Our bike is easily transported by car, bus, train, ferry and even by airplane. With minor disassembly, it fits in a suitcase.
17. Durability.
Our bikes are made with quality Shimano components as well as stainless steel and other alloys for maximum durability at a minimal price.
18. Nimble & Quick.
Our bikes weigh less than others, letting you gain speed faster & making them easier to carry.



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