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What Are Folding Bicycles?

According to the Wikipedia, A ''folding bicycle'' or "folding bike" is a type of bicycle that can be compressed to a smaller size, typically via folding one or more of the bicycle's components.

But Stretching Is BETTER!
Giatex bicycles provide higher stability and riding comfort than other portable bicycles because Giatex bikes do not fold on a hinge; they stretch. Giatex uses a patented technology wherein the horizontal stem is one continuous tube that slides through the frame, bringing the front wheel close to the rear wheel. The resulting design provides a solid ride regardless whether stretched to fit a child or adult..

Innovative, Sturdy Design
There is no need to cut any tubes in half. In fact, when looking at Giatex bikes, it is not immediately clear how they fold, or even that they fold at all. The stretching system developed by Giatex is the first of its kind in the world. This innovative and unique design makes Giatex bicycles sturdier than other folding bicycles.

Frame Adjusts To Fit The Rider
Stretching is better because the frame length can be adjusted (stretched) to the rider’s desired length for the ultimate in riding comfort. Our unique design uses a combination of a grooved sliding tube and a multi-clamping system to ensure a solid ride. This flexibility also allows just about anyone to share the same bicycle - husband, wife, friend or even a child. In fact for children, stretching means that the bicycle can grow along with them.

Stretching Costs LESS
Stretching is better because the Giatex bicycle typically costs way less than your average folder. The ingenious part of the Giatex design is that not only do you get an adjustable frame that provides a solid ride, but because there is no expensive hinging system required, the Giatex will sell for hundreds of dollars less than its comparable rival. In fact, the Giatex doesn’t really have any rivals at all because it is the world’s only stretching bicycle.

How It Works
Designed for leisure, commuting and touring, Giatex bicycles are light in weight and easy to compress. Stretching and compressing your Giatex bicycle is straightforward, requiring no tools and can be done in less than 10 seconds.

Unfold the handlebars.

Slide the seatpost up.

Slide the wheels apart.

Ride away.

About The Giatex
Among the variety of folders on the market, the compact Giatex 16” folding bicycle offers the best combination of riding flexibility, portability, and price.

The Giatex folding bike is best suited to accommodate all rider types and sizes. Through a unique, patented design, the Giatex's frame, seat, and handlebars adjust to the exact needs of the rider. Weighing just 27 lbs, the bicycle is as easy to hoist into the rear of your Ford Escape, Volvo XC90, Lexus RX 330, etc. as it is to carry up the steps of the subway or to your apartment. Unlike other folders though, the bike rolls when folded; therefore, the need to carry this bike is far less than that of other folders.

When folded, the Giatex accommodates most traveling and storage conditions, fitting
in your closet, under your office desk, in the corner of you apartment living room, in the trunk of your car/suv or even in a suitcase.

Priced at about $300, the Giatex will pay for itself soon after you buy it. While others are paying for gasoline to commute, you'll cruise along free, getting healthier in both body & mind.

Improve Your Life
Rediscover the subtle joys of life. Buy a folding bike today.



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