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What Are The Benefits Of Folding Bicycles?

The benefits of folding bicycles are similar to those of typical bicycles. Folders are efficient, economical, healthy, ecological, fashionable & fun transportation. The difference between a folding bike and a standard bike is that folders are easier to transport and store. As a result, riders of folding experience these benefits MORE OFTEN.

Better Health
Bicycles are great way to fit regular exercise into a hectic schedule. By riding your Giatex, you'll
stay in shape instead of sitting, fuming in traffic. You'll arrive at your destination calmer and with a clear mind. Being fitter means getting sick less often too.

Better Mobility
Did you know that the average commuting speed in the USA is less than 35 mph? Parking your car can also be time consuming whereas you can take your Giatex right to your destination.

Save Money
Add up your costs getting to work each day. Bicycle commuting saves you on parking fees, fuel costs, auto maintenance costs, and transit fares. A new Giatex and cycling gear would pay for itself in a few months.
Additionally, replacing your car or second car with a combination of bicycling, transit or the occasional cab ride could save 25% of your income...

Lower Taxes
If more commuters bicycled, taxes could be reduced because governmental costs would decrease in terms of highway & roadway maintenance, construction and infrastructure, traffic control and manpower.

Less Pollution
Autos are the single largest source of air pollution in the USA. An average four-mile round-trip bike commute prevents nearly 15 pounds of auto air pollution from contaminating your air (that's 3.6 pounds of auto pollutants per mile).

Folding bikes for travel
Some even fit in the overhead bin on your flight.



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