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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mobiky Genius Photos

Despite the cold, overcast weather, I've shot some photos of the Mobiky Genius. I'll be posting them to RideTHISbike.com shortly along with the review. Here's a teaser for now...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mobiky Genius Story Temporarily Delayed

I'm finally getting back to the review I had planned to publish on Friday about the Mobiky Genius. Frankly, it's been a wild weekend.

The Mobiky arrived after dark late Thursday evening. The bike unpacked quickly and without issues; however, I wanted to examine the bike in daylight before taking a test ride. Friday morning, the mercury hovered at 18 degrees fahrenheit so I decided to wait till the afternoon for warmer weather. By 2pm, it was still just 24 degrees but I was determined to ride. I bundled up, went out into the brilliant sunshine and pedaled away.

Tackling Midtown Memphis' slight hills on the 3 speed Genius was more work than I anticipated but not much different from the ride of any other 3 speed. Given the Mobiky's 12" wheels, I was happily surprised by the Genius' surefooted handling. Naturally, small potholes or bumps were more harsh than on a standard bike but the ride was neither twitchy nor shaky. Coasting downhill, the Genius gained velocity but it's obviously not designed for building speed.

Where the Genius excels is in mobility & convenience. The Genius is smaller than your typical room radiator when folded; yet, it can still be rolled. Thus, you can push it along as if you were walking a regular bike except the Mobiky takes up far less space (and turns on a dime). This means that you could roll it onto an elevator and down the hall to your office, your apartment, etc. (if bikes are barred from your building, just bag it and tote it along). Regardless, the result is unprecedented access and speed in a metropolitan environment. In other words, faster commutes with less time needed for running errands.

As with all things, the Mobiky has its pluses and minuses. Priced at $1000, some that would want this bike will think twice before buying it. To be sure, there are other folders that appeal to the same market but cost less (for example, the Giatex). Nevertheless, if you want a unique, high quality, pocket bike to ride on short commutes and errands, this is a fun bike that will do the job and get you lots of admiring looks.

About The Photos...
Until my wife started having preterm labor contractions yesterday morning, I had fully expected to shoot photos of the Mobiky Genius in action. When I get a break from running back and forth to the hospital, etc., I will shoot the photos and upload them. Hopefully, this will happen in the next few days; however, babies have a habit of being born on their own schedule. Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Larry Lagarde

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mobiky Genius Is Truly Rad!

Fedex just dropped off the new Mobiky Genius folding bike I've been waiting on since Thanksgiving. Since I just took the bike out of the box, here are some details and first impressions.

What's A Genius
The Genius is a brand new type of folding bike that made its debut at the 2005 Interbike bicycle trade show this past September in Las Vegas. What sets this bike apart is a unique and patented folding design. When folded, the bike takes up minimal space; yet, the Genius opens to full size in seconds. In fact, within 5 seconds of having it out of the carry bag, I had unfolded the bike without either instructions or assembly. Cool.

Folding Details
The frame unfolds in a scissor like fashion. Both the seatpost and the handlebars telescope out via quick releases; however, the handlebars are hinged so they can also be rotated in for a closer fold. Folding pedals, an integrated, front disk brake and protective carry bag round out the package.

Appealing Looks
When it comes to looks, the Genius will put a grin on anyone's face. Mobiky USA offers the bike in five different color schemes; this one is silver with red accents and looks really sharp. Neat finishing touches to the bike include routing the rear brake and shifter cables through the frame, a foam padded handle on the frame to move the bike about when folded (as well as to help fold the bike) and padded foam handlebar ends.

The tires are tiny at just 12 inches so it will be interesting to see how the bike handles on the street. I'll save that report and photos for tomorrow.


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