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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Folding Unfolding BigFish Foldup Bike

by Larry Lagarde

Here are 2 videos that show the right way to fold or unfold the BigFish folding bike.

Shortly after I first received the BigFish and pulled it from the shipping carton, I filmed the video I've been displaying online since December 2nd. The video shows me using a velcro strap to keep the front tire and handlebar ends from moving freely when the bike is folded. What I didn't realize until AFTER I uploaded the video was that the front wheel will remain fully stowed when it's inflated. Thus, the velcro isn't needed to keep the front wheel in place but it does come in handy for keeping the folded handlebar ends from swinging or moving when the bike is being carried.

I've done several rides now with the BigFish and am very pleased with the bike. The ride quality is quite good, the design is well thought out and the components are of a high standard. I will certainly recommend this bike when it becomes available in the USA.

By the way, I have shot several videos of the BigFish in action; however, my camera work leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, I'll be able to shoot some better quality video soon. Once I do, I'll post that with additional input on this fine folding bike.

My thanks to BigFish for giving me permission to post these videos.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BigFish Folding Bike How To Video

by Larry Lagarde

The BigFish folding bike finally arrived late yesterday afternoon. I pulled it from the box today and shot the following video. The video is short but it shows how to fold and unfold the bike.

Within the next few days, I hope to post video footage of the BigFish in action on the streets of New Orleans. Of course, I'll need to shoot the footage first...


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