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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carryable Folding Bike

A little over a month ago, I broke the news of the coming Suitcase Folding Bike. Since then, I've received over 100 comments concerning that folding bicycle - some good, some bad but all entertaining. One visitor even said the bike looked like a vacuum cleaner. I didn't see the resemblance; however, with the new "Carriable Foldaway Bike", it's unmistakable.

Carryable Folding Bike
The above images are depictions of the "Carriable Foldaway Bicycle". I just learned of the bike today so details are scarce. Here are the facts as best I can tell:

Name: Carriable Folding Bike
Description: Folding bike similar to the Suitcase Bike but in a smaller form factor when folded.
Weight: 17 lbs (8 kg)
Carry Capacity: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Materials: Alloy frame & components; plastic shell

Folded Dimensions: Unknown
Availability: Unknown
Price: Unknown

Notes: Design includes a telescopic pull handle on one side of the folded bike and fixed mini wheels on the opposite end so the bike can be pulled along like standard rolling luggage.

Perhaps this folding bike is just another design concept; however, if it is small enough to take aboard a plane as a carry on and rides as well as a Mobiky Genius, it is bound to gain a following no matter what it looks like.

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