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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update: Fantastic, Transforming Folding Bike

by Larry Lagarde

Carryable Folding BikeLast summer, a Chinese folding bike designer sent me some sketches of a new, extraordinary design for a folding bike he intended to produce. The sketch depicted a folding bike that was so small, so light, so fast to fold and so practical that it could possibly revolutionize personal mobility.

Naturally, revolutionizing anything (especially the bicycle) is hard so the odds are against bringing a new product like this to market; however, yesterday, I received word that this folding bike was set to go into mass production in the next 30 days.

Trade show photo - 2 Carryable Folding BikesFollowing are a series of photos shot at a recent trade show in China of the Carryable Folding Bike. This 19 lb machine transforms in 10 seconds from a single speed bike into a rolling pod or capsule the size of a carry on bag. A retractable handle and special roller wheels are built into the design so the compact, encapsulated bike can be pulled along like a piece of luggage.

Trade show photo - Carryable Folding BikeIf what I'm told is true, this is the smallest, most ingenious folding bike yet. When folded, all of the bike bits that could potentially snag on clothing, etc. remain hidden and protected within the capsule's magnesium and plastic shell (which, in the folded state, resembles an art deco style floor vac more than a bike). But how does it ride?

Riding the Carryable Folding BikeSince I haven't seen this folding bike in person, I don't know how well the bike rides but I have been offered a video of the bike in action. As soon as I get that, more photos or concrete specs, I'll be posting the info right here at RideTHISbike.com.

Trade show photo - Carryable Folding BikeBy the way, the rumor is that this bike will retail for $900. That's a lot more than the 22.5 lb $179 E-Z Pack folding bike but a lot less than Mark Sander's new $2500 IF Mode full size folding bike...

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