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Monday, September 22, 2008

InterBike 2008

by Larry Lagarde

In just a few short hours, I'll be heading to the Outdoor Demo on the opening day of InterBike 2008 in Las Vegas. I'm truly excited to be attending. With all the weather foolishness these past few weeks here in New Orleans (as in Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike and the tropical storm who's name I've forgotten already), it really was up in the air whether I'd make the show. But my insurance adjuster is up to his eyeballs in claims so he won't be visiting for a few weeks anyway...

What really excites me is that I'll be meeting Mark Sanders (designer of the Strida, Swivel Head & the new IF Mode) as well as other folding bike nuts so this will be a real treat. I'm particularly looking forward to riding the IF Mode on the Lake Mead ride on Tuesday. Competition will be pretty intense but I have a good shot at it.

There will be Internet access at the show but I expect to be quite busy looking over product, talking with designers and cycling so don't expect to hear back from me till the end of the week



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