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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mountain Biking Near Ft. Collins, Colorado

Located at the foot of the Front Range of the Rockies about 50 miles north of Denver, it's no surprise that there are excellent opportunities for mountain biking near Ft. Collins. Also the home to Colorado State University (a college with @ 25,000 students), in 2006, Fort Collins was selected by Money Magazine as the best place to live in the entire USA. Thus, it came as no surprise when The Coloradan selected 4 great mountain biking trails in the area as the focus of a story on mtb trails. (Map: Rocky Mtn. NP, Denver & Ft. Collins)

The trails are:
- Devil's Backbone
- Blue Sky Trail
- Mount Margaret Trail
- Young Gulch Trail

If you happen to ride any of these trails, let me know how they rate and feel free to take some photos and send them my way :-)

A Thank You
Many years ago, I was offered the opportunity to accompany 2 of my best friends on their family vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park just northwest of Denver. It was a special time in my life and I had the pleasure of climbing Long's Peak on that journey. That trip was the inspiration for countless adventures and I'm forever in debt to the Seifken family for inviting me along. Thanks y'all.

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