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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

InterBike 2008 - SafeTband

by Larry Lagarde

Note: This is one of a series of posts concerning products at InterBike 2008.

InterBike 2008 Highlights: SafeTband. A medical or emergency ID tag just in case...

SafeTband - front and backSomewhere among InterBike's countless aisles and the 23,000 attendees and exhibitors at the show, I came across the SafeTband, a nylon strip with velcro hook and loop fasteners on each end so it will wrap around an object (such as the retaining strap for bmx or ski style googles, a backpack strap or the rear retaining strap on many bicycle helmets). Initially, I didn't understand what it was but I got one anyway to inspect later. I'm glad I did.

While flying back from the show, I inspected the SafeTband more closely. Bright red in color with a white first aid symbol on the outside, the SafeTband resembles the Swiss flag. On the inside of the Band, there's a clear pocket just large enough for an ID tag containing your contact info and brief medical details.

The packaging containing the product showed a snow skier wearing the Band attached to his google straps. That's great for dirt riding but I bike mostly on pavement and long distance bike trails. Then I had a "wait a minute" moment. The strap on the back of my bicycle helmet (the one that tightens the helmet horizontally) looked like it would be wide enough to accommodate the SafeTband. Sure enough, it fit perfectly.

SafeTband mounted on bike helmet horizontal strapWhen I got home, I filled out the ID tag that comes with the SafeTband, inserted the tag into the Band's clear sleeve, wrapped the Band around the horizontal adjustment strap for my helmet and went for a 10 mile bike ride. I couldn't even tell the SafeTband was there.

Face it. Whether you bicycle on pavement or slickrock, there is always some risk to cycling. That risk is compounded when riding alone.

If you become incapacitated and first responders are unfamiliar with health conditions you may have, their treatment could kill you. Additionally, family and friends may have no idea that you had an accident. In fact, here's how Travis Mills came up with the safety band:
Several years ago, Travis' nephew was skiing and knocked himself silly on a crash. When approached by first responders, he could remember his name but not who he was with or where he was.
Whether you go cycling with ID in your pocket or a fanny pack, there's always the chance that it will become separated from your person or that you will forget to bring it. Keep the safety band attached to your helmet and forget about it.

The SafeTband retails for $9.95. That might seem like a lot for a strap of nylon; however, it could save your life. For that alone, I'd say it's worth the price. Now that it's on my helmet, it's there to stay.

For more about the SafeTband, visit SafeTband.com.

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