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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feedback: 16 Inch Ultralite Folding Bike

Recently, I received these 2 comments from customers concerning their Kent Ultralite folding bikes. I'll post more comments as they're received.

Seal Beach, CA

Hi, Larry:

We took the bike on a local 3-day camping trip, and it performed great. My wife was riding her ten-speed, and was impressed that I was able to keep up a steady cruising speed (7-9 mph, but I'm not riding the bike because I'm in a hurry!). Being able to fold the bike made it a snap to put it away in our truck overnight, especially since we were camping on a beach, with plenty of salt air at night. The rear-wheel reflector popped off, but I should be able to get the local bike shop to re-mount it... At any rate, thanks for the help and advice in getting the bike to me; it's become part of my daily exercise regime, and, in addition to our camping trips, I intend to use it for short, local errands.

Jerry W
Burbank, CA

Dear Larry;

I had a chance to take one of the "Mangos" for a short ride so I thought I would give you my initial assessment of them. Keep in mind I am kind of a bike snob with high end road and mountain bikes in my garage. I purchased these bikes for my wife and I for weekend biking around our marina. Setup from the box is easier than simple. Well packaged. The owners manual with assembly instructions was for a different bike but no matter. There was little assembly required. The folding mechanisms are easy yet secure. After adjusting the seat post and handlebars for my preference I started off. The saddle seemed a bit too close to the handlebars, for my liking, but I soon got into the swing of it. The flexibility of the stem is a little unnerving when applying pressure to the pedals. The Shimano Nexus 3 speed is wonderful. Quiet, smooth, and effortless with a nice gear ratio. This bike would not be suitable for more than a few miles of riding but for my intended purposes, it is great.

Thanks for your help.

Michael F

To learn more about the Kent Ultralite folding bikes, use the Google search box on the bottom of this page or visit one of the following 3 links:
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