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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arrived: CarryMe DS Folding Bike

by Larry Lagarde

Great news! The CarryMe Dual Speed micro folding bike has arrived and it is awesome.

First Impressions:

That's a small box for an adult bicycle.
But when I opened the box, I found a folding bike that was 95% assembled. All I had to do was remove the packing material, slip the seat post into the seat tube, install the pedals & front carry rack, lock down all the quick releases and pump up the tires (there are also a rear carry rack extension and rain fenders to install but I wanted to go for a quickie before it got dark so I'll add those later).

Sweet SpeedDrive.
The Schlumpf SpeedDrive has received rave reviews for its simplicity and durability. While it's too early to tell regarding the durability, the simplicity is stunning. No cables or levers are required to shift into either gear; just kick the base of the crank arm with your heel. You'll hear a slight click as the SpeedDrive switches gears.

High quality.
This bike exudes sophistication everywhere you look - rims machined from a solid block of aluminum, 80 psi tires, high quality quick releases, folding handlebars with cables routed through the centers (to prevent the handlebars from getting lost), extension stem for an efficient riding position, comfort handlebar grips, plush saddle, carry racks front and rear, nifty fenders front & rear, custom kickstand, velcro retaining straps to prevent the carry racks from getting scratched or opening prematurely, touch up paint and - yes - a carry bag.

I went for a very short ride and laughed out loud because it was so much fun. I can see already; I'm going to enjoy riding this bike.



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