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Friday, October 23, 2009

Video - Vegas Folding Bike Frolic

by Larry Lagarde

One of the highlights of Interbike is the folding bike frolic, an early morning group ride of folding bikes through the streets of Las Vegas. This is my video of that ride (which took place about a month ago).

Notable bikes in the video include 3 Bigfish, a black Strida LT (the $495 Strida debuting in 2010) and several folders from Pacific Cycles that are just coming onto the marketplace (IF Mode full size slim folder, IF Reach, IF Reach DC folding electric bike, IF Urban 700c). The IF Reach DC in the video is the first production model (all black, silent/surge free electric assist, Swivel-head folding mechanism).

IF Urban 700c folding bikeI filmed the video from the saddle of the very cool IF Urban, a 700c folding bike with an internally geared hub and disc brakes for quick stops and ultra low maintenance. Ideal for commuters, the Urban is a fast and comfortable machine but my favorite is still the IF Reach DC folding electric bicycle.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Strida 5 Folding Bike

by Larry Lagarde

Since Strida 5 folding bikeInterbike, there's been something of a buzz on the Internet about the Strida 5, the latest version of the original A-shaped bike that Mark Sanders released to the world back in 1987.

Popular with commuters, city dwellers and even yachties, all Stridas fold quickly and require very little maintenance (for example, the greaseless kevlar drive belt keeps clothing and the drive train free of oil & dirt). What sets the Strida 5 apart from earlier models is that the plastic hubs, brake parts, wheels, etc. have been replaced with high quality aluminum parts, improving the ride while decreasing the weight to under 20lbs.

Priced at $799, the Strida 5 costs hundreds more than other single speed folding bikes on the market. Is it worth paying the difference? I'll find out soon because Strida is sending me a brand new Strida 5 to review. Look for more info here including photos & video.

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