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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike News - BigFish Coming; Strida SX Going

by Larry Lagarde

BigFish Available In North America Within Weeks
I received confirmation today that the BigFish folding bike will be in stock in the USA by mid to late July. MSRP will be $799 but the bike will be launched initially at the promotional price of $549.

A micro folder, the BigFish has 16" wheels; yet, the ride geometry is equal to that of a full size bike. The BigFish rolls when folded and folds narrow like a CarryMe, Mobiky or Strida. The big difference is that the BigFish folds without folding the frame (the wheels swivel into and nest within the frame), resulting in a bike that folds shorter than a CarryMe or Strida. This combination of features should make the BigFish a formidable competitor to other brands.

Strida SX Soon Sold Out Until Fall
Sales of the Strida SX folding bike have been stronger than anticipated, leaving the American distributor (Areaware) almost out of stock before the end of June (which is distressing because I only have a few left). According to Areaware, they can't get more of the SX until the Fall.

If you are a tall guy (over 6' 2") in search of a micro folder, the SX is about the only game in town (and they definitely cruise faster than the Strida 5.0) so act soon before they're gone.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Slide Show: STRiDA Mini folding bike

by Larry Lagarde

Displayed below is a slideshow of the new Strida Mini folding bike. Though interest in this new model has been high, supplies of the bike have been very limited. Before I ran out of them completely, I wanted to post more photos of the Mini online.

The brushed silver bike is the Strida Mini and the yellow bike is a Strida 5. By looking at the photos that compare the two bikes, you can see that the Strida Mini is a scaled down Strida 5.0. This was done so riders that are 4'4" to 5'4" tall could also ride a Strida.

Once the Strida Mini sells out, more are not likely to be available until early in 2009.

Strida Mini features & specifications


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strida Mini Presale Ending Soon

by Larry Lagarde

If you're under 5'4" in height and have been thinking about getting a fast to fold/unfold and light folding bike, the new Strida Mini's an excellent choice. But if you want one, you better hurry.

Although it's not yet available in the USA, a shipment of Strida Mini's is on the boat from Asia and due to arrive here in mid October. Nevertheless, since the post I did earlier this summer concerning the Strida Mini pre-sale, the word has spread and the bikes have been selling. In fact, only 14 of the bikes in the shipment are unsold. Once they're sold out, more are not likely to be available until after Christmas.

The price right now for a Strida Mini folding bike is $699. I am accepting orders for the Mini only by phone and email. Naturally, the pre-sale ends either when the Mini's are sold out or if Strida or the shipping couriers increase prices again.


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