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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Strida SX, Slip Cover & Commuter Train

A Great Combination.

by Larry Lagarde

Pictured below is an interesting slideshow demonstrating how one RideTHISbike.com customer uses a folding bike to cover part of his 1.5 hr commute.

Gregg B. is a Chicago area resident that commutes into the Windy City by METRA Rail. Gregg lives and works far enough from Metra to rule out walking to/from the train station. Rather than drive his car and park it at the station, Gregg felt the best solution was to ride a folding bike that he could take on the train. Once the train arrived downtown, he'd unfold the bike and ride it the last mile to his office.

To make the idea work, the bike would need to be light and fold compactly for storage; yet, it would need to be sturdy and comfortable too.

After lots of time looking over bikes online, Gregg called and explained his needs. My suggestion was to get a Strida SX. Here's what I wrote to him about this folding bike:
I love the SX. Color. Options. Ride. All good.

The tires on the SX are low rolling resistance. Combine that with the taller gear ratio and the bike moves - much faster than a Strida 5.0 and possibly slightly faster than the Duo. Will know for sure soon when I ride both over the same course & compare the results. The Duo is faster from a total stop because of the low gear.
After speaking with Gregg a couple of times by phone, he ordered a Strida SX. Once he got to ride the bike some, this is the note he sent regarding the SX folding bike:
WOW! This bike is great!! Within the first 20 feet I knew that the SX was a keeper. At 6'1" and 240 lbs, it is amazing how much difference a few modifications make in the ride quality. Larger high pressure tires, bent handle bars, and spring loaded seat makes for a much more comfortable, stable, and faster ride. Riding it seems much more intuitive and I will be able to ride longer distances with it. Thanks for suggesting the SX!

Also the new cover bag is perfect and well thought out. The Chicago area Metra train requires folding bikes to be covered and this cover is so light that it easily folds and can be placed in the rack to carry while riding. Additionally the bag can be put on upside down and the bike will roll while folded and covered.
Although the Strida SX is a great fit for Gregg B., everyone has different needs. So if you're considering a folding bike but are unsure which bike may be right for you, call or email me. I'll be happy to share my knowledge and experiences to set you in the right direction.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just 6 Strida SX Left

Strida SX folding bicycleby Larry Lagarde

If you're considering purchasing a Strida folding bike, the creme of the crop is the Strida SX.

Matt black in color and dressed out with a Brooks style leather saddle (w/chrome springs) leather grips and narrow, low rolling resistance tires, this is a hip ride with options that are unavailable on the Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. Strida SX folding bikeAdd to these features the curved handlebars, larger rims and kickstand and you have the most comfortable and fastest Strida folder around.

And I have the last 6...

That's right. It seems that Ming (the company that makes the Strida bike) is busy cranking out Strida 5.0's for the moment and more Strida SX models will not be available for months. So if you want the nicest Strida yet made, the time to buy is now.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike News - BigFish Coming; Strida SX Going

by Larry Lagarde

BigFish Available In North America Within Weeks
I received confirmation today that the BigFish folding bike will be in stock in the USA by mid to late July. MSRP will be $799 but the bike will be launched initially at the promotional price of $549.

A micro folder, the BigFish has 16" wheels; yet, the ride geometry is equal to that of a full size bike. The BigFish rolls when folded and folds narrow like a CarryMe, Mobiky or Strida. The big difference is that the BigFish folds without folding the frame (the wheels swivel into and nest within the frame), resulting in a bike that folds shorter than a CarryMe or Strida. This combination of features should make the BigFish a formidable competitor to other brands.

Strida SX Soon Sold Out Until Fall
Sales of the Strida SX folding bike have been stronger than anticipated, leaving the American distributor (Areaware) almost out of stock before the end of June (which is distressing because I only have a few left). According to Areaware, they can't get more of the SX until the Fall.

If you are a tall guy (over 6' 2") in search of a micro folder, the SX is about the only game in town (and they definitely cruise faster than the Strida 5.0) so act soon before they're gone.

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