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Monday, June 16, 2008

Innkeepers: Tell Us About Local Bike Trails

by Larry Lagarde

One of my pet projects is the promotion of great places to go bicycling. I love to travel and go out of my way to explore cycling opportunities with every journey; however, it's impossible to profile all the great cycling opportunities alone. Thus, I've decided to reach out to travel experts worldwide that are most likely to know of local great cycling opportunities - innkeepers.

As a general rule of thumb, lodging accommodation providers that cater to cyclists have a better grasp of which local bike trails, bike routes, etc. are noteworthy. So let's open the tap to their tips regarding places to ride.

If there's a lodging provider that you consider bicycle friendly, write to RideTHISbike.com about them. Better yet, tell them that we'd like to feature their bike trail suggestions on RideTHISbike.com.

With gas averaging $4+/gallon across the USA, I can't think of a better time to promote family bicycle vacations and bicycle friendly places to stay than now.



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