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Sunday, June 29, 2008

6 Miles Via CarryMe Folding Bike

by Larry Lagarde

Recently, I was sent a CarryMe DS to review. From the moment I unpacked the bike I have been impressed; however, I finally got to ride this folding bike a decent distance today and I was blown away!

This morning, I took the dual speed CarryMe DS for a ride on the levee along the Mississippi River. The performance from this bike is simply amazing. The bike accellerates quickly and is responsive; yet, sure footed. Average cruising speed was about 14 mph, making it faster than the E-Z Pack or the Superlite. The Schlumpf 2 speed drive train is so simple to use (kick the crank arm to switch gears) that I'm amazed no one thought of this sooner - no cables, derailleur or shifter to wear out.

Riders of moderate ability will be able to cruise on the CarryMe DS at speeds from 11-16 mph in a level riding environment on smooth pavement. The high pressure 8" pneumatic tires offer low rolling resistance and some cushion from bumps; however, this is definitely a street machine. Avoid riding off road and watch out for potholes!

The CarryMe DS comes with both front & rear carry racks, fenders, kickstand & carry bag. There's enough room on the rear rack for a briefcase or a milk carton carrier (for holding groceries etc); the front rack can easily hold a 6 pack. And yes, when folded, the bike really does roll on the teeny rollers on the rear rack; just pull behind you by grasping the handlebars.

Current price on the CarryMe DS is $695 but I was informed this week that the price will be increasing to @ $900 sometime next month (ouch!).



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